Pediatric Dentistry of Round Rock
Kelsey Bookmyer D.D.S
Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

Your First Visit

Dental Care in Round Rock TX

How to prepare your child for their 1st visit:

Today dentistry for children is fun and enjoyable. Dr. Kelsey Bookmyer, or Dr. Kelsey to the kids & parents, is a board certified pediatric dentist with 10 years of experience. Dr. Kelsey and her team have created a non-threatening, child-friendly environment that is both exciting to the kids and informative to the parents.

When explaining to your child that they will be going to see the dentist, do so in a positive enthusiastic way. Think of how you would tell them that they are going to the zoo for the first time. You would tell them about all of the new and different animals they will see. You might explain what some of the animals do, where they live in nature, and show pictures. You would be excited and positive and so would your child. You wouldn’t talk about how some of the animals bite and eat other animals. You wouldn’t talk about how the animals could escape their cages and harm your child. I’m sure you’re getting the idea.

Children pick up on their parents’ worries. If you are worried, they think they should be worried. So let’s talk about what happens at your first visit at our office. You and your child will be warmly greeted by Jody and/or Lindsey upon arrival. They will assist you with checking in, insurance informaton, scheduling appointments, and any other concerns you may have. Parents and children are both welcome back. One of our Dental Assistants, Kendra, or Rebeca, will take you to our "x-ray" room and take "pictures" (digital X-rays) of your child’s teeth. Next, they will help your child pick out their color tooothbrush and the flavor toothpaste they would prefer. We have bubble gum, cookie, grape, cherry, orange, strawberry, mint, cinnamon, and non-flavored toothpaste. They will also get to pick out a cartoon to watch while they lay down on one of our dental chairs. Next, one of our Dental Hygienist Ashley or Leigh Ann will clean your childs teeth, and Dr. Bookmyer will follow with an exam and discuss your childs dental health. Twice a month we have the privilege of Dr. Neusel joining our team. We customize all of the procedures to the needs, age, and apprehension level of your child.

We go out of our way to make the first experience, as well as additional visits, a great experience. Remember that this is not a traumatic experience. Your child will likely do better than you expected. If your child cries or is apprehensive it is normal. Bringing them back by the second time is almost always a breeze. Many of our patients actually come running in the door they are so excited to come back. We are looking forward to seeing you and your child for a wonderful first dental experience.

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