Pediatric Dentistry of Round Rock
Kelsey Bookmyer D.D.S
Board Certified Pediatric Dentist



Office Visit Guidelines

  • We kindly ask for no food or drink in the office.
  • We ask that you have your children that are not receiving treatment to wait in the play area in the reception room, or the play area next to the large room in the back.  We ask that you don’t bring those children to “watch” when their sibling is having a “shot” or other more extensive treatment.  It takes away the focus from the child we are treating, and can create apprehension for the child observing the treatment. 
  • We ask that you only use your cell phone with discretion in both treatment areas and near the front desk.  It is often hard to hear on the phone as well as be able to communicate with the patients and the parents.

Appointment Policy

We are aware of school policies that make it difficult for children to be out of school for any reason.  Medical and dental appointments are excused absences with a doctor’s note.  We are not able to accommodate all of our patients on only after school hour times.  In addition, some procedures are not in the best interest of your child or possible during after school hours.  

  • Restorative appointments (fillings, extractions, etc.) are only scheduled between the hours of 8 and 1.
  • We kindly ask that you alternate regular exam and cleaning appointments between school and after school hours.  This means that you will only have to bring your child one time a year during school hours.
  • Emergency appointments are available the same day during the morning hours.  We have allocated time for last minute emergencies in the morning, and do not have that time available in the afternoon.
  • We kindly ask that you give us a 24 hour notice in the event that you need to cancel or change your appointment.   You may be charged a broken appointment  fee, if less notice is given.


There is not any direct relationship between our office and your insurance company.  Your insurance benefits are determined by the type of plan chosen by you and/or your employer.  So as a result we have no control over the terms of your insurance, the methods of reimbursement, or the determination of your insurance benefits.   We will file your insurance, accept the assignment of benefits, and can estimate what your insurance will pay.  This means that you will only have to pay what portion your insurance does not cover. 

  • We are NOT contracted with any insurance companies, except Delta Dental and Cigna. 
  • No insurance pays 100% of all fees.
  • A few insurance companies will not allow our office to “accept assignment of benefits”.  This means they will directly reimburse the patient for ALL the benefits.  If this is your insurance, we will require that you pay 100% of the fees up front.  We will still provide you with an estimate of coverage as well as file all of the paperwork with your insurance company. 


Payment Policy

You will be required to pay for the treatment the day that it is rendered.  Please be aware that the parent that brings the child to the office and signs the consent form, is the person that is legally responsible for payment of all charges.  We cannot collect from spouses, ex-spouses, or grandparents.  We accept cash, personal checks, Master Card, Visa, and Discover.

  • We can “estimate” what your insurance will pay.  If you need or want to know more precisely, we can send in a predetermination.  That usually takes a few weeks for us to receive back, and will then delay treatment.
  • We do not provide any payment plans.  We do however offer a service called Care Credit.  This can allow you to set up an account with Care Credit, and have a payment plan over an extended period of time.  There is no fee, but it does require a credit check.
  • Any charges your insurance doesn’t pay you will be responsible for.  We do our best to accurately estimate what your insurance pay, but ultimately the contract is between you and your insurance company.  We are not able to change any of the parameters of your insurance contract.
  • No insurance pays 100% of all procedures.
  • We are not “contracted” with any insurance companies, except Delta Dental and Cigna.  That means we have our own fee schedule and not your insurance companies schedule.  They will reimburse based on what they call “usual and customary fees”.  These are what your insurance company considers average for the area.  Most of the time our fees are not higher than the usual and customary fees, but sometimes they are.